Welcome to Team All Stars Diving, a community driven by a deep passion for the underwater world. Our adventure began with the All Stars Diving Foundation, from which Team All Stars Diving was born (formerly known as Double Dutch Divers) to broaden our mission and extend our reach. Though we originate from Rijswijk, the Netherlands, we feel a profound connection to the magnificent waters along the Turkish coast, where we spend a significant part of the year, with Kuşadası as our home base.

The heart of our team is Paul and Gül. Paul, an experienced Scuba Instructor, brings passion and expertise that ensure safe and enriching diving experiences for divers of all levels. Gül, our Divemaster and Mermaid Instructor, adds a unique and magical dimension to our diving excursions with her skills.

At Team All Stars Diving, inclusivity, safety, and fun are at the core of every diving experience. We are a family of diving enthusiasts, dedicated to sharing the wonders of the ocean with everyone who wishes to discover the beauty beneath the water’s surface, explore the rich marine life, or live the dream of admiring the crystal-clear depths as a mermaid!